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We help you learn to turn your creator hobbies into full fledged money generating businesses using. Become a self sustaining entity by integrating with our technologies and learning to use them.


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What Is Web 3.0?

The third generation of the internet. The worldwide web is moving from a centralized ecosystem to a decentralized network in which you as the end user own your own data. These features are brought forth by Blockchain technology. Users can choose what aspects of their identity gets shared on the internet. The days of central entities choosing what to do with your information or your voice are coming to an end. The internet is governed globally by the users behind their machines. 

How Can I Benefit From Web 3.0 

As a creator, the internet is the most vital connection to new audiences and potential customers. You become an entity that brings forth business, services, commerce and much more. Using Web 3.0, you can allow others to partake in ownership of your brand while maintaining the authenticity of what you release. 

 This includes retail, music copyright, community, education and much more. 

How Can DIGITVL Help Me Understand Web 3.0? 

You can use DIGITVL to learn how to create proof of ownership (NFTs) for music copyright, retail items like shoes and clothing, create exclusive memberships and much more. You can even accept cryptocurrency in your own e-commerce store. Take our free courses and learn how to use our ecosystem to immerse yourself in this new technology. 

Most of our resources are free to use to get started.